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UK energy and the environment


A sustainable energy scenario for the UK is under development.

The overall scenario may be found here (PowerPoint zipped, 5 Mb) or here (PowerPoint unzipped, 6 Mb). This scenario is constructed with end-use sector models and supply models described elsewhere on this site.

A UK electricity scenario called Green Light in which 95% of electricity is supplied from renewable sources and CHP is also under development. The full presentation may be downloaded here (9 Mb).

The models used in these scenarios use international data sources and therefore can be applied to any large country. Currently, the models are being used to develop energy scenarios for each EU25 country to investigate integrated strategies for limiting the emissions of greenhouse gases and toxic air pollutants. Such integrated strategies can meet multiple targets at lower cost. This work is to aid European Commission energy-environment strategy, and is funded by the Swedish Environmental Protection Agency.

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