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Miscellaneous  projects

EU-Gulf Cooperation Council air pollution workshop European Commission Workshop to promote cooperation between Gulf Cooperation Council  countries and the European Union in the area of atmospheric pollution. 2000 Mark Barrett
Japan Clean Air Program - 2000 Workshop Japanese Clean Air Program Workshop transferring European Auto Oil, air quality, acidification and ozone expertise to Japan. Seven EU experts made presentations in a two day programme. 1999-2000 Mark Barrett
Affect of urban design on energy flows and pollution Martin Centre, Cambridge University Study of how urban form on the sub 1 km scale affects energy demand and supply, and the concentration of pollutants. Part of the PRECIS project. 1998-1999 Mark Barrett
Health Effects of Vehicle Emissions Energy Logistics International Assistance with preparing the 1999 conference programme. 1998-99 Claire Holman
Japan Clean Air Program - 1998 Workshop Japanese Clean Air Programme Workshop transferring European Auto Oil I expertise to Japan. 1998 Mark Barrett
Soil pollution Nicholas Pearson Associates An assessment of the impact on roadside soils of a road widening scheme. 1993 Claire Holman
Global warming UK Government A study of the role that technology transfer to developing countries could play in assisting with the reduction of greenhouse gas emissions and adapting to global warming. 1992 Michael Nevin
Biodiversity UK Department of Trade and Industry. A study of the role that technology transfer to developing countries could play in assisting with the conservation of biological diversity. 1992 Michael Nevin
A Code of Conduct for Travel Greenpeace UK.   1991 Mark Barrett
Carbon dioxide and town planning  UK Department of the Environment. Study of effect of town planning on energy use and carbon emissions in the transport and buildings sectors in the UK. Responsible for developing and applying the transport demand and emissions model. 1991 Mark Barrett
Effects of Nuclear War Greater London Council Effects of nuclear attack on energy services and agriculture in the UK. 1985 Mark Barrett


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