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Road transport is a major source of pollutants that degrade air quality and cause global warming. In richer countries, tightening emission standards will reduce the emission of many noxious pollutants per vehicle kilometre, but traffic growth may counterbalance this such that emissions start to increase in the longer term. Presently there is little regulation of fuel use and carbon dioxide emission.

SENCO has worked extensively on the modelling of emissions from road transport,  abatement strategies and their cost minimisation, and the effects of emissions on air quality.

A presentation on the first European Auto Oil Programme can be found here. It describes the evaluation framework, and the combination of technical and non-technical measures modelled to reach air quality standards.

Emission effects and costs of sulphur free petrol and diesel Department of Trade and Industry (UK) Investigation of the costs and emissions impacts of low sulphur gasoline and diesel fuels in Europe. 2000 Claire Holman
Impact of sulphur in petrol on emissions Ford Motor Company Investigation of the impact of sulphur content of UK petrol on emissions from conventional three way catalyst cars. 1999 Claire Holman
Review of emission control technologies UK Department of Health Review of the main emission control technologies for light and heavy duty vehicles, available in the  short to medium term, prepared for the Committee on the Medical Effects of Air Pollution (COMEAP). Download report 1999 Claire Holman
Global vehicle emissions Financial Times Commercial opportunities from emission regulation for vehicle manufacturers and component suppliers. 1998-1999 Mark Barrett
In-service emissions testing UK National Audit Office Advice to a value for money assessment of the in-service emissions testing undertaken in the UK by the Vehicle Inspectorate . 1998-99 Claire Holman
Effect of ACEA agreement on noxious emissions European Commission (DGXI) Assessment of the impact on regulated emissions (carbon monoxide, hydrocarbons, nitrogen oxides and particles) of the European Motor Manufacturers Association (ACEA) agreement to reduce carbon dioxide emissions from new vehicles. 

Contact Mark Barrett if you are interested in this report.

1997 Mark Barrett
Cleaner Fuels Forum National Society for Clean Air Researched and authored 'Cleaner Air: The Role of Cleaner Fuels', the report of the Cleaner Fuels Forum in the UK.  The study investigated the impact of different fuel parameters on air quality. 1997 Claire Holman
TESS - Transport Emissions Sensitivity Spreadsheet UK Department of the Environment A feasibility study for a new model to quantify the impacts of a wide range of environmental policies (technical, fiscal, land use planning etc.) on greenhouse gas emissions from the UK transport sector. 1996 Claire Holman
Emission model for the UK road transport sector Transport Research Laboratory The UK Government's model for forecasting emissions from road transport was extended. 1995-6 Claire Holman
Greening freight transport European Federation for Transport and Environment The compilation of a practical guide for freight transport operators, and their clients.  It focused on how to reduce the environmental impact of the movement of goods. 1996 Claire Holman
The introduction of 'clean' fuels European Federation for Transport and Environment A report outlining the experiences of European countries with the introduction of cleaner petrol and diesel fuels. 1996 Claire Holman
Biofuels European Commission (DGXI) Study of the air quality impact of the use of biofuels compared to conventional fuels. 1993-1994 Claire Holman
Introduction of clean fuels European Federation for Transport and the Environment. A report outlining the experience of European countries with the introduction of cleaner petrol and diesel fuels. 1994 Claire Holman
Motor Industry investment in Central and East Europe Friends of the Earth UK An overview of  investment activities of western motor manufacturers in central and east Europe and the role of Western institutions in providong finance. 1993 - 94 Claire Holman
The impact of petrol quality on emissions WorldWide Fund for Nature UK A literature review on the effects of fuel parameters on emissions from catalyst and non catalyst equipped petrol cars. 1993-1994 Claire Holman
Environmental classification of new European cars European Federation for Transport and Environment Co-ordination of a European programme to classify all new cars on the European market according to a number of environmental criteria including emissions, fuel consumption, recycling and safety. 1994 Claire Holman
Feasibility study for modelling UK road transport emissions UK Department of Transport This project investigated the feasibility of developing a user friendly emissions model for the UK Department of Transport. 1994 Claire Holman
Recycling of cars Nature Associates Preparation of a paper on recycling and material use in European cars. 1992-93 Claire Holman
Expert Advisor Royal Commission on Environmental Pollution Appointment as a special advisor to the RCEP's Transport and the Environment Study. 1992-93 Claire Holman
Cold Starts World Wide Fund for Nature Estimation of the effects of the cold start penalty on emissions from passenger cars. This study quantified for the first time the importance of cold start emissions and made a comparison of the total emissions from diesel and petrol cars. 1992-93 Claire Holman
Alternative automotive fuels Friends of the Earth UK An investigation into the environmental impacts and feasibility of the use of natural gas, methanol, ethanol, electricity and hydrogen as transport fuels. The study placed a particular emphasis on life-cycle emissions and covered the production processes and potential fuel feed stocks specifically in the UK context. 1992 Claire Holman
Predictions of particle emissions from buses in UK and Germany UK Department of Transport/Anglo-German Foundations  Prediction of particle emissions from urban buses in UK and Germany, with and without the use of particulate traps . 1992 Claire Holman
The environmental impact of light duty vehicles National Society for Clean Air A technical review of the major air pollutants from light duty vehicles using petrol, diesel and liquid petroleum gas. 1992 Claire Holman
Pollution from urban buses Friends of the Earth UK An assessment of the best environmental option for reducing emissions from the current urban bus fleet in the UK. The study looked at the environmental benefits of particulate traps and retrofitting new quiet low-emissions engines. 1992 Claire Holman
Predictions of current and future emissions from the UK transport sector WorldWide Fund for Nature International A two part study of the emissions from the UK transport sector with particular emphasis on road traffic.  Part one involved the development of a computer model, and looked at the effect of the introduction of new technology and the UK government's forecasts of traffic growth on national emissions.  Part two looked at a range of policy options, including technical developments, to reduce carbon dioxide emissions. 1989 - 1991 Claire Holman
Remote sensing of vehicle emissions in-use Royal Automobile Association A technical assessment of the Stedman method of remotely measuring emissions from in-use vehicles. The study looked at possible applications in the United Kingdom. 1991 Claire Holman
Recycling of cars Greenpeace UK A review of the problems facing the car recycling industry, the solutions, and the response of the motor industry, particularly in the United Kingdom. 1991 Claire Holman
Road transport and air pollution: future prospects Ree Jeffries Foundation A review of the current emissions, and a forecast of future emissions using conventional technology, with an assessment of the role of innovative vehicle concepts. 1991 Claire Holman
Pollution from diesel vehicles Friends of the Earth UK A review of the contribution of diesel vehicles to poor air quality and an assessment of the technologies to reduce emissions. 1990 Claire Holman
Green paper on transport and the environment Worldwide Fund for Nature A brief to a client on an appropriate response to the European Commission's Transport Directorate's (DGVII) green paper on the "Impact of Transport on the Environment: A Community Strategy for Sustainable Mobility". 1989 Claire Holman
Particulate pollution from diesel vehicles Friends of the Earth UK A report on the environmental and health effects of particulate matter from diesel vehicles, including an investigation into the technical options for reducing emissions. 1987 Claire Holman



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