SENCO Sustainable Environment Consultants

SENCO is a consultancy that aims to assist clients in devising cost-effective approaches to environmental problems. SENCO also supplies training for clients. 

SENCO specialises in the quantitative analysis of environmental problems so as to aid policy formulation including :

  • Forecasting emissions from surface and air transport, and energy use and supply sectors
  •  Analysis of the cost-effectiveness of measures to reduce environmental impact 

SENCO has worked extensively in these areas : 

  • Surface and air transport
  • Air quality
  • Global warming
  • Energy demand and supply
  • Environmental economics

SENCO's clients include : 

  • National and local government departments
  • The European Commission
  • The European Environment Agency
  • The Japan Clean Air Program
  •  Private companies
  • Non-governmental environmental organisations 

SENCO has undertaken projects covering the UK, Europe and other countries.

Please contact us if you are interested in our services, or if you think there is other information we have which may be of use to you.

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