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Acid emission projects

SENCO has worked on acid emission control costs and scenarios.


The worst and the best. Atmospheric emissions from large point sources in Europe  Swedish NGO Acid Rain Secretariat Estimation of emissions of sulphur dioxide, nitrogen oxides and carbon dioxide for large point sources in the EU, Scandinavia and eastern Europe. Report at: the Swedish NGO Secretariat on Acid Rain. A map is shown at Large point sources. 2000 Mark Barrett
Acid emission  abatement costs in the Black Triangle Imperial College Centre for Environmental Technology Prepared acid emission control costs for point sources in the 'Black Triangle' region. 1996 Mark Barrett
Acid emission control in China WorldWide Fund for Nature International Acid emission control in China. 1993 Mark Barrett
Emissions from large point sources  Swedish NGO Acid Rain Secretariat Manager of a project to develop a database and mapping software to produce sulphur emission maps for all large sulphur emission sources in EU, Scandinavia and western Russian Federation. 1993 Mark Barrett
Impacts of fossil fuels in south east Asia WorldWide Fund for Nature International Study of acid emissions from all SE Asian countries and assessment of general policies for emission control. 1991 Mark Barrett
Acid rain in the UK Earth Resources Research A study investigating the effects of acid rain, and the costs and policies required to control it in the UK. 1985 Mark Barrett


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