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Global warming projects

Increased global warming is brought about by a mix of  atmospheric pollutants (gaseous, liquid and solid) released because of human activities. Global warming is one of the most difficult environmental challenges because remedial measures require deep structural changes in policy, and energy demand and supply systems.

The emission of greenhouse pollutants is estimated in many of SENCO's projects including those covering road and air transport, energy and electricity. In addition SENCO has worked on some specific global warming projects.

A carbon dioxide emission reduction strategy Bury Metropolitan Council An assessment of options for the reduction of carbon dioxide emissions in the Bury area. 1997-1998 Mark Barrett
Carbon dioxide emissions incurred by domestic electric appliances in the UK Climate Change Unit, Oxford University Identified the potential role of energy efficiency as a means of reducing the environmental impacts of electricity supply with a focus on particular appliances.. Analysis of the  effect of different components of domestic electricity demand on carbon emission in the UK. 1997 Mark Barrett
Control of CO2 emission from road vehicles Centrum voor Energiebe Sparing en Schone Technologie/Dutch Government A study reviewing and assessing the potential for a range of measures to control emissions of CO2 from road transport. 1994 Claire Holman
 CO2 emissions from electric vehicles European Environment Bureau A discussion document outlining an approach for measuring energy consumption/CO2 emissions from the use of electric vehicles in Europe. This study looked at how life-cycle emissions may be taken into account. 1993 Claire Holman
Global warming potential of passenger cars in Great Britain World Wide Fund for Nature The total global warming potential of passenger cars was estimated for each year in the period 1990-2025. 1993 Claire Holman
Energy, Carbon Dioxide and Consumer Choice WorldWide Fund for Nature Analysis of the impacts of radical energy strategies and lifestyle change on energy and environmental impact world-wide. 1993 Mark Barrett
Technical Standards to reduce carbon dioxide emissions from cars Friends of the Earth UK An assessment of the technologies available `to reduce the fuel consumption of new vehicles, with estimates of practicable fuel economy targets for new vehicles. 1991 Claire Holman
Transport and Climate Change Friends of the Earth UK An assessment of a range of strategies to reduce carbon dioxide emissions from road transport, with particular emphasis on the passenger sector. The study looked at the potential for the introduction of new technology, modal shift and traffic restraint measures. 1991 Claire Holman
Controlling carbon dioxide emissions from passenger cars Friends of the Earth UK A proposal for a framework for controlling carbon dioxide emissions from passenger cars, using fiscal incentives. The report includes a critique of the main alternative proposals discussed in Europe. 1991 Claire Holman
Carbon emissions from China WorldWide Fund for Nature International An investigation of current demand in all sectors of Chinese economy, and the potential effects of a range of energy efficiency and supply options. 1991 Mark Barrett
Carbon sequestration and forests WorldWide Fund for Nature International Project manager and co-author of study on carbon sequestration. 1991 Mark Barrett



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